FontoXML makes structured authoring super intuitive

Subject matter experts and occasional content contributors worldwide use
FontoXML authoring solutions to create structured and highly intelligent content.

Authoring solutions

Our authoring solutions help occasional authors, with no knowledge of XML, to create structured and intelligent content. Our web-based XML editor adapts to any (XML) schema and CMS infrastructure. A large variety of Add-ons is available to complement FontoXML. These can be integrated using APIs or web services.

Web-based XML editor

  • No plug-in required
  • Real-time Schema validation
  • Structure, WYSIWYG and Source View
  • Copy and paste from Word, HTML, etc.
  • Spell-check and change tracking
  • Notes and comments

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FontoXML Add-ons

  • Language support / spell-check
  • Real-time link validation
  • Readability score
  • Metadata suggestion
  • Entity extraction
  • Formulas support

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FontoXML integrations

FontoXML & Acrolinx integration

FontoXML editor

FontoXML & PoolParty integration

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