We take great pride in developing intuitive (structured) authoring tools for subject matter experts i.e. people with no knowledge of XML or any other technology that comes with structured authoring.

We believe that productivity and content quality can be increased tremendously by providing authors with user friendly tools that actively help them during the creation of intelligent content.

Pick your choice from these solutions.

FontoXML Editor

Our flagship product. An intuitive web-based XML editor that requires no installations, plugins or downloads whatsoever. It provides a complete WYSIWYG experience and is packed with useful features.

FontoXML Editor adapts to any (XML) schema and CMS infrastructure whether on premise or in the cloud. A variety of Apps complements FontoXML Editor. These Apps can be integrated using APIs or web services.

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Review & Comments

A user friendly web-based environment for (peer) reviewing. With real time validation, right at the (XML) source. That means high efficiency and a short time-to-market.

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Convert & Import

We’ll automatically turn your content into well structured and validated documents. It won’t be a 100% clean conversion the first time, but luckily we can provide you with the intuitive tools that let your authors make it a 100% fit.

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Preview & Publish

In one click you can see your topics, chunks or full documents the way they can and will be published. Authors love it and it saves a huge amount of time.

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Advanced track changes

This App provides authors with the capability to track not only textual changes but also structural changes e.g. the deletion of an attribute or the insertion of a table element.

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Formula editor

If you need to edit formulas, we can integrate the formula editor of your preference. We usually use WIRIS, a very user friendly and innovative mathematical WYSIWYG editor.

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Content Quality

Semi-automated tagging, using preferred terms, writing with ‘one voice’. If you want to increase your content quality, you can use this app to connect with various tools (e.g. PoolParty of Acrolinx) to do so.

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Still wondering what intelligent content is?

“Simply put, ‘intelligent content’ is content which is not limited to one purpose, technology or output. It’s content that is structurally rich and semantically aware, and is therefore discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable and adaptable. It’s content that helps you and your customers get the job done. It’s content that works for you and it’s limited only by your imagination.” (Ann Rockley)

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Taeke Kuyvenhoven
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