Advanced Track Changes

Document History

A clear audit trail

with textual and structural changes
all in one overview

Textual changes

Accept and/or reject textual changes the way you’re used to. Make comments if you wish. All comments and changes are stored.

Structural changes

FontoXML can track ‘structural changes’. For example: if you would change a ‘standard note’ into a ‘danger note’, we’ll show these changes in the side panel, just the way we show textual changes.

Audit Trail

Keeping track of every single change and/or comment can be of vital importance. FontoXML can save the full audit trail, including textual as well as structural changes and comments.

Track textual as well as structural changes using our Document History App which is based on DeltaXML Core, a toolkit for identifying changes between well-formed XML document or data formats and providing the flexibility to manage those changes in many ways.

Taeke Kuyvenhoven
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