Eat your own dogfood: DITA editor for marketing content

Eat your own dogfood: DITA editor for marketing content

We get a lot of information requests every day. Mostly typical ‘how to’ questions. And quite some inquiries about the FontoXML architecture and pricing.

Last week we received an information request that, strangely enough, sort of blew our minds:

“I appreciate all of the online information, and will probably spend some time checking it out later, but for now it would be nice to have something I can print out and read on the go.”

We’ve been working in the publishing industry for decades now and we’ve seen the move from print to online to mobile first and so on… So we were kind of surprised by this request.

XML first with DITA Editor

Nowadays we talk about XML first all the time, with one of the main advantages being able to publish content to any medium, one of which is print.

We’ve used our DITA Editor, the FontoXML SAAS version, to write our own documentation (we’re eating our own dogfood) but we’d never thought we would need to print it all. We do have some standard marketing collateral in print, but who really needs (reads) that, right?

Personalized (marketing) content

So we’ve asked this questioner which information he would like to have on paper (we’re guessing some parts of our documentation). Based on the answer we’ll see how smooth our publishing pipeline works. Hopefully we’ll be able to provide some personalized content, in print. Something most marketers are still only dreaming of nowadays.

Taeke Kuyvenhoven
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