NISO STS and collaborative editing

NISO STS and collaborative editing

Last week we asked  for help to guide our JATS roadmap. That worked out quite well to say the least. We’ll keep you posted on the developments. One question that popped up in all the reactions got our special attention.

Please explore supporting the upcoming NISO STS and collaborative editing

Working for several standardization organizations we figured that some exploring would not hurt us.

For those who are not familiar with NISO STS; it is a specific tag set used for standards publishing, and link it officially to JATS (Journal Article Tag Suite). NISO is the National Information Standards Organization, a non-profit association accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

A number of ISO’s (International Organization for Standardization) members – BSI (British Standards Institution), SIS (Swedish Standards Institute), NEN (Netherlands Standardization Institute), SA (Standards Australia) – and some distributors have adopted the ISOSTS (ISO Standard Tag Set). NISO would like to move ISOSTS toward standardization and create an official relationship with JATS since there is reluctance to adopt ISOSTS as it is not currently an official standard. Concern also exists that if JATS is updated, its updates may not filter into ISOSTS.

Quite some abbreviations there. It took us some time to figure it all out as well…
But now we get it, we’re happy to support this move towards standardization. Just like we’re doing for the DITA standard in cooperation with OASIS.

NISO STS. It’s on our (JATS) roadmap. And collaborative editing? That’s a ‘standard’ for FontoXML.



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