“The only thing constant is change”

- Heraclitus

At FontoXML, we continuously work on improving your favorite editor. We release almost every second month, providing you with new features while pursuing visible and invisible improvements.

This roadmap lists what is planned for our customers. The roadmap covers both the progress of the FontoXML editor, as the FontoXML apps.

Will be released in Q1

  • Measurable performance gains
    Performance measurable, optimize current state, quantify improvement
  • Working with structures
    Optimizing AX for sectioning and frames
  • View document history and work with changes
    Optimize visualization, jump to editor, mark as seen, view and export changelog

Planned for Q2

  • Performance gain
    Optimize current state, introduce non-breaking changes
  • Working with tables
    Optimizing working with (large) tables

Candidates for H2

  • Open and save .docx
  • Read / Comment only mode
  • License and user logging
  • Real-time collaboration

Unplanned candidates

  • Moonshot performance
  • Unlimited document / map size
  • Non-western characters
  • Offline use
  • Mobile authoring / editing
  • Document History stand-alone
  • Instant preview