“The only thing constant is change”

- Heraclitus

Recently Released

  • New FontoXML edition: DITA for Small Teams
  • Localization of the FontoXML UI
  • Flexible canvas width
  • WebDAV integration
  • DITA content re-use

Will be released on short term

Planned on Mid-term

  • Touch UI optimisations
  • MS Edge support
  • Git-(hub) integration
  • Improved structure view and edit

Foreseen, but not yet planned

  • Download file as .docx
  • JATS pre-config version

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At FontoXML, we are constantly working on improving your favorite editor. We release almost every second month, providing you with new features, while pursuing visible and invisible improvements.

This roadmap lists what is planned for our customers. The roadmap covers both the progress on the FontoXML editor, as the FontoXML apps.

Release Planned date
6.9 16 February 2017
6.10 30 March 2017
6.11 5 May 2017
7.0 October
7.1 December
7.2 Q1 2018
Please note that this release-planning may be changed without notice.

Release Notes

    Taeke Kuyvenhoven
    We will be happy to give you an online demonstration of FontoXML. Please leave your details below and I will contact you as soon as possible, or feel free to contact me directly at +31 70 3191923.